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    Hey, this is SuperMarioLogan!! I make Mario Plush videos for everyones enjoyment!! So please check out my channel and videos, and if you like them, Comment, Favorite, Like, and Subscribe!! All Rights Reserved:. Super Mario © Nintendo If you have any video ideas or fan mail send them to: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Profile icon made by: XradicalD

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    SML Movie Jeffys Pokemon Card Download
    SML Movie: Jeffy's Pokemon Card!

    9m 1s 2,571,668 2 hours ago

    SML Movie Robot Jeffy Download
    SML Movie: Robot Jeffy

    11m 33s 5,520,828 1 hour ago

    SML Short Zombie Bowser Download
    SML Short: Zombie Bowser!

    6m 29s 3,009,126 1 week ago

    SML Short Bowser Juniors Allergy Download
    SML Short: Bowser Junior's Allergy!

    7m 24s 3,522,145 1 week ago

    SML Movie Jeffy The Rapper 2 Download
    SML Movie: Jeffy The Rapper 2

    10m 1s 7,639,117 2 weeks ago

    SML Movie Codys Report Card Download
    SML Movie: Cody's Report Card!

    13m 41s 5,154,043 2 weeks ago

    SML Movie Jeffys Bad Christmas Download
    SML Movie: Jeffy's Bad Christmas

    13m 37s 7,448,788 3 weeks ago

    SML Short Jeffys Haircut Download
    SML Short: Jeffy's Haircut!

    7m 17s 7,290,318 3 weeks ago

    SML Movie The Remote Download
    SML Movie: The Remote!

    13m 1s 5,374,279 1 month ago

    SML Movie Jeffy Plays Minecraft Download
    SML Movie: Jeffy Plays Minecraft!

    13m 53s 8,270,992 1 month ago

    SML Movie Jeffys Kids Family Friendly Download
    SML Movie: Jeffy's Kids "Family Friendly"

    8m 42s 1,757,369 1 month ago

    SML Movie The Diamond Download
    SML Movie: The Diamond!

    9m 42s 4,120,797 1 month ago


    39s 2,225,281 1 month ago

    SML Movie Jeffy Has Kids Download
    SML Movie: Jeffy Has Kids!

    8m 42s 4,976,932 1 month ago

    SML Movie Bowser Junior Gets Sick Download
    SML Movie: Bowser Junior Gets Sick!

    8m 52s 4,220,137 1 month ago

    SML Movie Jeffy Gets Help Download
    SML Movie: Jeffy Gets Help!

    7m 59s 6,142,157 1 month ago