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    Welcome to Team Edge! This is where our group of guys act like idiots and get a little too competitive in some fairly childish competitions. Philippians 3:20- "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ"

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    Assemble The Paintball Gun Before You Get Hit Download
    Assemble The Paintball Gun Before You Get Hit!!

    12m 21s 1,231,197 17 hours ago

    SODA Bottle Flip Challenge Download
    SODA Bottle Flip Challenge!!

    10m 11s 1,503,195 17 hours ago

    Egg Dodgeball Challenge Download
    Egg Dodgeball Challenge!!

    10m 50s 1,039,267 17 hours ago

    Tackle The Person In The Snowman Download
    Tackle The Person In The Snowman!!

    10m 24s 1,543,489 1 week ago

    Blind Mouse Trap Minefield Challenge Download
    Blind Mouse Trap Minefield Challenge!!

    10m 2s 829,872 1 week ago

    Ultimate Dare Challenge Download
    Ultimate Dare Challenge!!

    14m 27s 1,093,145 1 week ago

    Which Wall Can I Run Through Download
    Which Wall Can I Run Through?

    13m 57s 4,503,064 2 weeks ago

    Hoverboard Quidditch Download
    Hoverboard Quidditch!!

    13m 3s 896,580 2 weeks ago

    GIANT Elefun Challenge Download
    GIANT Elefun Challenge!!

    10m 48s 650,372 2 weeks ago

    Chicken Roulette Challenge Download
    Chicken Roulette Challenge!!

    10m 4s 793,533 3 weeks ago

    16 Best Hit In The Face Moments  Reaction Video Download
    16 Best "Hit In The Face" Moments! | Reaction Video

    11m 41s 906,578 3 weeks ago

    💥 Kittens Board Game Download
    💥 Kittens Board Game!!

    11m 19s 726,735 3 weeks ago

    Ultimate Kickball Battle Download
    Ultimate Kickball Battle!!

    11m 17s 1,357,852 4 weeks ago

    Random Object Radar Gun Challenge Download
    Random Object Radar Gun Challenge!!

    11m 15s 1,310,758 1 month ago

    Shoot The Elf On A Shelf Download
    Shoot The Elf On A Shelf!!

    10m 15s 1,210,447 1 month ago

    Christmas Tree Flip Download
    Christmas Tree Flip!!

    11m 2s 1,362,066 1 month ago