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    Hi, I'm Eric! I have a Youtube channel about my daily life living in an RV full time, boondocking and camping, while traveling around the United States. I travel with my cat Jax(the real star of the show), and we film our adventures and try to capture the beauty and freedom of life on the road and our alternative "American Dream".

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    RTR Semi Truck RV Sold My Scooter And Pranks Download
    RTR: Semi Truck RV, Sold My Scooter & Pranks

    13m 9s 46,692 12 hours ago

    ElectricalSolar Hack Pest Control And River Relaxing Download
    Electrical/Solar Hack, Pest Control & River Relaxing

    12m 40s 42,653 12 hours ago

    RTR 2018 Scooter Update And AMAZING Cargo Trailer Build Download
    RTR 2018, Scooter Update, & AMAZING Cargo Trailer Build

    21m 19s 86,149 12 hours ago

    Dome Rock BLM Colorado River And RTR Update Download
    Dome Rock BLM, Colorado River & RTR Update

    14m 45s 50,342 1 week ago

    Magician Dentist Repairs My Tooth In Utah Download
    Magician Dentist Repairs My Tooth In Utah!

    10m 31s 52,211 1 week ago

    I’m Flying Outta Here Download
    I’m Flying Outta Here!

    13m 33s 58,635 1 week ago

    Picacho Peak Camping With Joey And Saguaro Cactus Download
    Picacho Peak Camping With Joey & Saguaro Cactus

    12m 42s 47,009 1 week ago

    RVer Runs EVERYBODY Off The Road Scary Download
    RVer Runs EVERYBODY Off The Road!!! Scary!

    7m 49s 71,114 2 weeks ago

    Geronimo Apache Bisbee Tombstone Arizona And Train Horn Download
    Geronimo! Apache, Bisbee, Tombstone, Arizona & Train Horn

    18m 8s 40,230 2 weeks ago

    Roswell New Mexico Area 51 Aliens And UFO’s Download
    Roswell New Mexico, Area 51, Aliens & UFO’s

    13m 16s 53,245 2 weeks ago

    Cactus Tomb Of Christ And Flying Solar Panel Download
    Cactus, Tomb Of Christ, & Flying Solar Panel!!!

    14m 46s 51,844 2 weeks ago

    Crazy Water Relic Washing Machines And Goodbye Texas Download
    Crazy Water, Relic Washing Machines, & Goodbye Texas

    14m 9s 40,705 3 weeks ago

    Star Wars Peter Pan Rain And PRESENTS Download
    Star Wars, Peter Pan, Rain, & PRESENTS!

    10m 36s 38,037 3 weeks ago

    Camping With Old And New Friends With Surprises Download
    Camping With Old & New Friends With Surprises

    15m 40s 52,111 3 weeks ago

    South Park Pegasus Gumby And Security In Dallas Download
    South Park, Pegasus, Gumby, & Security In Dallas

    14m 21s 38,524 3 weeks ago

    Meeting Viewers Painting RV And Pulling Teeth Download
    Meeting Viewers, Painting RV, & Pulling Teeth!

    11m 14s 49,178 4 weeks ago